Mt. Calvary Jr. Academy (MCJA), Pre-K through 8th grade, was established in 1919 to give children of African American ancestry the opportunity to obtain a quality Christian education through an approach that empowered the head, the heart, the mind and the hands.

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For nearly a century MCJA has produced some of the greatest and most successful physicians, attorneys, business and civic leaders, educators, community activists and good all-around citizens. We are proud of our rich heritage in serving the families of Tampa Bay and surrounding communities without barriers of any kind. Children regardless of race, ethnicity, religion or culture have matriculated successfully through our school.


The Mission of MCJA is to give every child an opportunity to have the highest quality, barrier-free education that will help them become productive, inspirational leaders and citizens.

Guiding us in our mission are the core values of the Adventist Edge Philosophy: Journey to Excellence

  • To meet the needs of the whole child
  • Proficiency in academics: Math, Reading, Science, Technology, Arts
  • Teachers that honor the natural cycle of learning
  • The natural cycle begins by connecting with the child's experience
  • Encouraging students to be "thinkers" and not mere reflectors
  • Encouraging students to use active techniques (experiments, real-world problem solving)
  • Encouraging students to expand their knowledge
  • Dialogue and collaboration are crucial to the process
  • Children must talk about what they are doing and reflect on how their understanding is changing
  • Teachers seek to instill in each student a sense of their value and inspire them to treat others with respect

Journey to Excellence is about change, innovative change that will result in school improvement.

Journey to Excellence will fulfill the vision of vibrant education in the 21st Century. However, excellent schools are not produced by accident or as the result of a single change event.

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We must keep abreast of the most current educational trends and styles that will meet the needs of the students and help to deliver a great education.


Our Vision is to be a School of Excellence. Excellence is an organizational culture that encourages continual, planned improvement. When all aspects of the educational environment foster ongoing innovation, quality schools will emerge.

While nearly a hundred years have given MCJA an opportunity to provide an excellent learning environment, it is now time to give the school a beautiful new physical environment that will certainly enhance the students and the delivery of education services.

Please help us continue this rich traditional especially now when our children need all the help and support they can get. Invest in a child's future. Join us in the "MCJA Capital Campaign Project" of $2.3 million to build a new school and campus. Become a donor, patron, supporter, sponsor now!

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