Let’s start with the foundation. Legacy City is made up of seven of the most talented individuals in the Central Florida area. They were brought together by the common bond that is embedded in the fabric of each member’s soul; the music.

Legacy City was created for one singular purpose and that is to bring forth the raw power and passion of Rhythm and Rhyme, that has yet to be matched in any arena. Each member in the group was hand picked for personality, talent and the will to push music to a place that has not been seen in quite some time.

Also within Legacy City is one key ingredient that keeps the group on level ground, the fact there are no egos among the residents and members of Legacy City. It is all about Family.

Legacy City is an unconditional team that is building for and on each other’s success. Legacy City’s foundation is built on unrivaled musicians, songwriters, producers and poets. The keys to the city belong to those chosen to reside in the Legacy City Community. They are Legacy City founder Shawn “Phonix” Bonacci – a.k.a the Southern Son (producer, songwriter, Hip-Hop lyricist). And also up front is The Urban Angel “B. Thomas” a.k.a “The Jewell” (producer, songwriter, Hip-Hop poet).

In the back keeping it moving is the Time Keeper “Sean Lau” a.k.a “T-Bone” (percussion specialist). Also in this Urban City, bringing the big voice is the Vocal Flame “Veola Drain” a.k.a “Chocolate Fire” (artist, poet, singer and songwriter). Another staple in the city is the Ax Man “Dave Petrone” a.k.a “Big “D” (guitar specialist).

Providing a solid foundation is the Bottom Line “Rodger Malloy” a.k.a “Rodg-Deep” (singer, bassist and songwriter). The melody of the city belongs to Nimble Fingers “Will Young” a.k.a “Mr. Will Young” (singer/songwriter and keyboardist).

Legacy City, “the city that never stops rocking”!

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