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I was born in the sunshine state of Florida. My Grandmother and Mother raised me and surrounded me with music and dancing. As a kid I did all of the latest dances and battled others to be the best in my city. I then hooked up with some rival dancers to bring dancing as an art form to the public. We even began teaching street dancing on my TV show called “Dancing with the Break Mechanics. Ironically today I have my own variety TV show again called “The Radar” on Channel 96 and 21.

Throughout my life I have had a chance to be on the big screen. The movie “Cocoon” was filmed in Central Florida and director Ron Howard personally asked me to bring my crew and audition for him. This led me to do commercials for Big Tim’s BBQ, a local restaurant and others.

Later on as time passed, I found writing. About that the same time hip-hop found me in the form of a standing ovation in my first live performance. I was immediately and permanently into it, hook, line and sinker, from that day to this one.

I becoming a founding member of the ground breaking hip-hop group “The Dedicated Brothers, (Major Motion, Mc Cool Breeze, (me) IQUE and DJ Slice). This group produced my first piece of history on vinyl The song was called “Girl I want your body”.

After exploring many other types of music, I hooked up with a childhood friend to form the first rock rap collaboration group known as “Judgment Day”. I then met my new best friend Shawn Bonacci, a.k.a. Phonix, and we proceeded to create the hip hop groups ‘Eternal Walkers” and then “HeatSeekas”. Shawn Bonacci and I are still at it but now we embrace the live band concept. We are the founders of the legendary group “ Legacy City, a seven-piece powerhouse of R&B, Hip-Hop, Neo-Soul and Jazz coming to a town near you!

My hobbies are fishing; poetry, music and making travel board games. My influences are my Mother, Grandmother, Rakim, 2pac, MLK, Malcolm X and Gandhi. I hope one day to inspire the world and not just my block. Thanks for touring my residence in Legacy City.

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