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Born in Pittsburgh, PA on the South End of St. Clair Village, a rough part of town in PA. that gave you three choices in life, crime, hard labor, or music. I chose music to ease the pain of the economic itch and release the passion that would eventually make me who I am musically. This little section of town is where I began my culture in music from soul, funk and R&B.

I got my first guitar at age fourteen from a friend name Herbie as a trade for an autographed Pittsburgh Steelers football and all I did was practice to the classics of Motown and other funk driven bands.

When I hit high school I was introduced to the grinding sounds AC/DC, Judas Priest, Led Zeppelin, and the list goes on. I went from playing melodic strokes of rhythm to screaming strings of driving aggression that the rock life would offer. I play a Stratocaster as a preference, because I like the older made equipment better, mainly guitars, its like vinyl you just can’t beat the sound.

With this newfound music I hit the road to tour around the U.S. with groups like Lobotomy, The Instinct, and Orion. I had the ups and downs of success that all starving artists have, but my true roots would call me back eventually. This path would lead me back on the road to doing Latin music where I would have the honor of playing with the niece of a great artist, one Ms. Millie Puente for two years. After myself and Millie would part ways I would find my way into doing session work for groups like the Ghetto Bastards and Dr. Doink just to name a couple. Still feeling like I was meant for more, I answered one more ad in the paper that read “R&B, soul, funk and Hip-Hop band is being put together and do you have what it takes.” I felt I did have what it took to be apart of that, so I answered the call. The rest, as they say, will be history.

I also can say I contributed to music by inventing a guitar known as the “Petrone Tone Granitar” made of real granite, this guitar produces magic when it’s played, be sure to check one out when you have a chance.

Well I must be going now got work to do in the city, Thanks for stopping by.

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