Our Residents

I was born and raised in Ohio but my second home was Virginia. I have a brother and a sister and my best friend who should be my brother, Mark J.

I guess you can say music grabbed me through the blood line, starting with my grandfather who played the accordion in a quite few different bands in his day. My love of music began when I heard Gene Krupa, a popular old jazz drummer, doing a song called “Sing-Sing-Sing”.

I knew at that point I wanted to be a drummer so I started working odd jobs like restaurant work, framing homes, working in a lumber yard and doing maintenance to save up enough to get my first drum set.

Once I got them, I practiced everyday which ended up grabbing the attention of two different bands. One band was a named T.B.A. and the other one was named Ouf Lyne. My musical influences are Gene Krupa, Willie Nelson, Tool and Bob Marley just to name a few.

When I’m not practicing or performing music, I like fishing, playing poker and reading topics of interest that will affect world history. My claim to fame is that I once ate fifteen Krispy Kreme donuts back to back. That’s why I do not eat them today. Actually I hate them.

Well I’ll try and keep the noise down but I got to get back to the kick, snare and hi-hat, so thanks for stopping by my building in the city.

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