Desire Publications is the comprehensive vision of Willie E. Lee, a remarkable man of God who wishes to share the abundance of what God has given him with the rest of the world.

Willie has strategically crafted a unique line of poetic art that he calls Desired Expressions, a line of greeting cards that he calls, Desired Greetings, with a slogan that reads, "The language A Heart Beats For. " The cards will express his intuitive perception of the love between man, woman and God.

Willie's prolific talents and gifts include a CD of self-arranged compositions that he interprets as inspirational sounds of love. He has also written two exciting and life changing books. His first book, "Crossing the roads of yesterday, Into the heart of a Man" is an inspiring book of beautiful poetry and real life stories about where he came from, who he is and where he's headed.

His second book, "Wounded Hearts, Broken Lives, The Stories Men Should Tell" explores the psyche of men, the wounds they harbor to toxicity and the unforgiving spirit that is carried too long and too far. Willie's multifaceted vision serves as a perceptive view into the hearts of men in general.

Willie is also an exceptionally skilled orator who has taken his common sense and wisdom to audiences across the United States. His discernment about what is real and important rather than false and mundane is what draws audiences to hear him speak. His uplifting and encouraging words give hope and healing to wounded people everywhere. He delves deeply into the soul of aching and damaged individuals with a compassionate eye and compelling argument toward victorious living.

Willie's vision is to impact the world with his gifts of Voice, Music, Poetry and Writing. Willie truly believes in the saying, "To whom much is given, much is expected". He knows that God has blessed him abundantly and wants to give to others, what God has given him. Willie says that "We are all recipients of God's Outrageous mercy and His Amazing Grace and encourages us all to taste and see".

Willie speaks passionately about his mother in all of his works. He speaks about who she was and what an awesome humanitarian she was. Willie says, "Not only is she the essence of who I try to be each and every day, she is still the force that drives me". Both Willie's mother and father have passed on, but he says, "I still owe it to them to be the best human being I can be, with the hand life has dealt me and with what God has given me".

Once again we welcome you to Desire Publications. Enjoy your visit and please share us with a friend.

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